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  1. Like your site! Good Content! My memorable experience was when I was hunting Whitetails here in Canada in November. I had not been a big believer in deer calls or scents until this year. Essentially, I had just reached my tree stand after “sprayin” a scent line as I went. I climbed into my stand and re-loaded my gun. I gave 3 buck grunt calls and waited. Withing moments a 12 pointer began to crash through the bush parrallel to me. I then tried a doe bleat and like a magnet he turned and gunned right towards my stand – grunting as he came. I got ready to shoot. He stopped. I fired 6 times! I missed 6 times. But oh the memories. I used dual calls later that week and saw more bucks. I wonder if the dual calling has some merit?

    Muskoka Outdoors (Canada)

  2. Thanks for stopping by!
    I added your Blog to the Ooutdoor Links section.

    Stay warm, and have fun ice fishing this winter.

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