Is that a Moose in Your Yard?

Pennsylvania Moose?
According to this article, Moose used to live in Penn’s Woods.

Moose (Alces alces) were once plentiful in Pennsylvania and even inhabited Northampton and Monroe counties.

Like the elk, bison and mountain lion, moose were eventually hunted to the point of extinction and had vanished from our area by late Colonial times. They are now totally gone … or are they? New evidence may indicate otherwise.

Moose? Really? Or is this another mountain lion tale?

n September 1996, a young bull moose was reportedly sighted near Bushkill, Pa., along Route 209. A maintenance worker at Treetops Villas spotted the creature and estimated it to weigh between 700 and 800 pounds. A ranger at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area reportedly photographed the moose and it also was seen by a resident of Lake of the Pines in a back yard along Route 209.

Maybe this MooseCam will show you where they are hiding.

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