PA 1st Rabid Yote

The first rabid coyote has been killed in Pennsylvania – not by a hunter, but by a woman slamming a door on the coyote’s neck.

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SINKING SPRINGS, Pa. —  When a man and his dog dashed into the house with a rabid coyote on their heels, his wife slammed the door on the coyote’s neck.

Craig S. Luckenbill said Thursday that he ran to get his 12-gauge shotgun, and his wife managed to close the door, but the coyote continued biting at the door and the front of the house.

The coyote was in the front yard when Luckenbill went out and killed it with the shotgun, he said.”I’m a hunter but I’ve never seen anything like that.”

The Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed Wednesday that the 40-pound eastern coyote Luckenbill shot on Sept. 21 had rabies, the first coyote to test positive for rabies in the state.

Luckenbill said he had heard one of his dogs barking, found it fighting with the coyote near his patio and tried to pull the dog away, but the coyote followed until his wife trapped it in the door.”When it tried to come into the house, my other dog Annie got involved to protect my wife,”he said.

Both dogs had been immunized for rabies and received booster shots after the attack, he said.

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