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Well, not only do us hunters and fishers have to worry about offending some thin-skinned animal rights wacko, apparently, we even have some amongst our own who just can’t take any joking.

To some, this will come as a total surprise. To others, you have know for some time. I have been pimping this site to whoever will listen. Why? Money, fame, fortune. Nope. Just plain excited about it. In those pimping attempts I included a link to a site that records the top hunting sites in Pennsylvania. This site, although only a month or so old, quickly moved to the top 3rd position. Very exciting, especially since all the other top sites seemed to sell something.

Last week, this website is listed for sale. The members (it has a bulletin board where hundreds of hunters communicate) were a bit shocked. Some didn’t believe it. Others joked about it. I would fall in that latter category. Opening bid was $60, so I did what any respectable prankster would do, I posted a message seeking a $60 donation so I could bid on the domain name. Now, did I need the $60? No, it was a joke. Do I even want the domain name? Not really, although the name would bring a lot of traffic. What do you suppose was the site owner’s response?

He banned me!

Here is the text of the email I received from him:
You have been banned at the The Outdoor Community.
Reason: I do not need this type of tactic, contribute positively or stay on your own site.
Ban duration: 7 days.

No big deal, I could just re-register with a different name. But why bother. Instead, I sent a nice message to owner:
I have removed the link to your site on my blog.
Reason: You apparently do not appreciate the traffic, nor any joking whatsoever. I merely posted a comment looking for donations so I could bid on your site. Where’s your downside? More folks would see you are selling the domain. Someone might have even thought it was humorous.
Take a deep breathe and lighten up.
Ban duration: indefinite.

No response from him. My apologies to my readers and anyone else I pimped the site to. My pimping days are over. As the saying goes, if you build it, they will come.

4 Comments on “Thin-Skinned Website

  1. No surprise here. That site and its owner have had some serious problems for awhile.
    I guess selling the site makes the problems go away. Hope the new owner has his/her head
    threaded on in the right direction. Used to be a fine website. Shame.

  2. Banned changed to permanent…I guess they didn’t like this post.
    Oh well, life is just too short.

  3. Rebanned again # 7 ….
    5 with no explaination.
    2 by owner with lame explaination.
    None of the posts I made were edited or deleted….

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