Year: 2007

Christmas Trout

Check out this native brown trout. It was caught Christmas Eve 2007, on my new Dream Catcher Bamboo Fly Rod!

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Snow Beards!

It snowed here yesterday. Perfect weather for deer hunting. So I made it out early this morning. It was cold– single digit cold. But there was no wind, and with the snow, deer were easy to spot. I saw some

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Are There Ethical Sportsmen?

An alert reader sent the following questions: Do you get appalled when you meet someone, or know of someone who kills more deer than legally permitted in a year, year after year? Are there any sportsmen who get upset when

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The Hunt

I did it! I finally bought a hunting license for this season. Just in time for the annual rifle season. I didn’t trek up to the cabin, which is in such a state of disrepair, there is talk of razing

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No Hunting

So this archery season has started, and I haven’t been in the woods. I haven’t even been in the woods scouting. I didn’t even buy a hunting license. Some sort of protest about the overkilling of the deer herd…no. Just

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Ghillie Suit

So I read a “How To” list every morning. Well, I don’t actually read it every morning. I get an email about it. Sometimes I take the time to read it. This one caught my attention, and I know you

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Christian 3D Archery Shoot

Olive Mount Bowhunters Christian 3D Archery Shoot! Mark your calendars for September 7, 8 & 9, 2007. A Christian 3-D archery shoot, 4 PM to dusk on Friday, 7 AM-dust on Saturday and 7 AM-2:30 PM, on Sunday, Troy Landis

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Philly Wants More Gun Control

Here we go again. This time, City Council is suing the Commonwealth to allow the City to enforce its stricter gun laws. Read more here. Philadelphia City Council members Darrell L. Clarke and Donna Reed Miller, stonewalled by the Pennsylvania

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New OSHA Reg Would Close Firearm and Ammunition Industry

If you can’t ban guns, why not regulate the industry so heavily that no manufacturer could possibly survice. That is what the Department of Labor and OSHA are trying to do. Read this article. As written, the proposed rule would

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Some Property Owner Protection

Finally, the lawmakers in Harrisburg got it right. A new law shields property owners from liability suits involving hunting accidents. Read more here. Pennsylvania property owners who allow hunting on their land are now shielded from lawsuits over accidents involving

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