Month: April 2005

Destination: Oil Creek

We are heading to Oil Creek this weekend…hopefully the fishing will be awesome! If you have fished this fine creek, please give us some tips…we can reciprocate with central PA streams (the Letort, Clark’s Creek, Yellow Breeches). I have found

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2005 Fishing License

I told you I don’t usually fish the first two weeks of the trout season. But Saturday starts Spring Gobbler season, and I might just get to fish with a good friend of mine. So I visited the online outdoor

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Well, if we all gotta go…

…I guess this ain’t such a bad way to do it. Two ol’ hunting buddies died of heart attacks within minutes of each other while out turkey hunting in Wenatchee, Washington. Read the story here.

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Define “Any”

Can you define the word “any”? Would you restrict the phrase “any court” to only a court in the United States? Apparently, the United States Supreme Court would. Check out this story. This guy from Pennsylvania ships three water heaters

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Finally, the PGC moves into the 21st century: Release #035-05 HARRISBURG — The Board of Game Commissioners today approved a regulatory change that moves the agency one step closer to being able to accept deer and turkey harvest report card

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163 Acres Purchased

Release #034-05 The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today approved two proposals that will increase the State Game Lands system by 163 acres. CAMBRIA COUNTY: The Board approved a land exchange involving a one-acre parcel on SGL 108 in Reade

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Release #033-05 The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today gave final approval to hunting and trapping seasons and bag limits for 2005-2006, including expanded hunter opportunities through the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP); more bear hunting; increased elk hunting; and

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Can You Hear It?

What is this? For those who do not know, that is a turkey yelp … and this is the sound we hope to hear in response!

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Deer Found!

Pennsylvania’s long lost deer have been found! In an effort to obtain accurate statistics on white-tailed deer populations, an infrared camera-equipped plane has begun flying over 250,000 acres of state forestland. The areas to be surveyed are indicated on the

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This is for all those who proudly served our country, especially those who served in Southeast Asia, during a time when your country acted ungrateful. a Vietnam veteran spat tobacco juice in Jane Fonda’s face at a Kansas City book

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