Year: 2006

Some People Shouldn’t Hunt

You all know I have not purchased my hunting license this year. Partly because of Upward Flag Football, and partly because the Game Commission policies. But that is by my choice. Some folks should not have the choice to hunt…or

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Check Your Barrel

An alert reader sent me a pictures from a not-so-smart shooter. I think it came from here. Hopefully no one was hurt.

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The Legal Posting of Private Property

This case should be interesting to watch. A hunter shoots uphill at at deer, missing the deer and hitting a woman in the head. I would expect the subsequent suit from woman against hunter based on negligence — you just

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PA 1st Rabid Yote

The first rabid coyote has been killed in Pennsylvania – not by a hunter, but by a woman slamming a door on the coyote’s neck. Read more on Foxnews. SINKING SPRINGS, Pa. —  When a man and his dog dashed into

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License Sales Way Down

According to this article, hunting license sales are down nearly 40%. More recent news puts that number between 5 – 10%.  Coupled with last years 10% drop, that means license sales over a two year period have dropped 20%. Comparing

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Youth Mentoring Program

Check out the details on the new Youth Mentoring Program: On June 6, 2006, the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners unanimously approved regulations to establish the Mentored Youth Hunting Program. The objective behind the Mentored Youth Hunting Program is simple

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Goose Opens

Goose season opens today…but it will probably be pretty soggy because of Ernesto Tropical Storm. Did you go out?  How’d you do? I am still holding out…no license yet!

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Missed Doe License Deadline

Well, so far I am holding up to the pressure. The date passed for sending in for Doe tags, and I still haven’t purchased my license. It will get much harder to stay the course come October. Spring Gobbler will

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Unified Sportsmen Suit Goes Forward

The Commonwealth Court allows a suit filed by the Unified Sportsmen to move forward, finding the group has standing to seek relief against the Game Commission. Read the full opinion here. Although the Game Commission takes the stance that it

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2006-2007 Hunting License

Are you buying a hunting license for this 2006-07 Season? Please post a comment and tell us.

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