Month: August 2005

Spoonplug Maker Dies

Creator of the Spoonplug dies at 90. Elwood Perry, a soft-spoken Southerner who translated his almost preternatural ability to catch fish into a finely tuned philosophy, a lucrative business and a personal legend as outsized as any fish story, died

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Going, Going, Gone…

12 WMU units have sold out of doe tags. TWELVE WMUS SELL OUT OF ANTLERLESS DEER LICENSES HARRISBURG – A total of 12 Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) have exhausted their supply of antlerless deer licenses as of today, according to

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Fish Kills Angler

I can see the lawsuit coming now. Read this: BERLIN (Reuters) – A fish caught in an east German lake near the Polish border not only got off the hook but also lured a 46-year-old fisherman to his death, police

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The Deer Court

“There’s no deer in Pennsylvania.” “Let’s sue the game commission, it’s their fault” “Yeah, and let’s make them go back to the old ways of hunting and deer management.” What a novel idea. Take a phenomenon with a relatively new

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Great Fishing!

The fishing results: no fish. If you think that is the whole story, stop reading right now. It was a busy day. Church until 12:30 or so. Get home, change, and take the boys to visit a friend whose wife

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Deer Solution

Know how to solve the suburbia deer problems? The Pennsylvania Game Commission wants you! Got ideas on how to reduce deer collisions and garden-raiding by whitetails in Pennsylvania’s urban and suburban neighborhoods? If you do, the Pennsylvania Game Commission would

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Franklin County

It sure would be nice to have a book on information like this for all the counties in the Commonwealth: Hunters, anglers can stay happy in Franklin County

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Doe Tags are Gone

Doe permits for WMU 2F & 2G are gone! I guess it is time to look for another sport.

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Trap Party

This is the best idea I have seen in a long time: From: One of My Hunting Buddies Location: “The Fur Shed” When: Sunday, October [removed], 12:00pm Phone: [deleted to protect the innocent] 2nd Annual Trap Boiling Party What is

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Three-eyed Fish Near Capital

Goodbye to the Susquehanna Smallmouth. Experts don’t know the reason for the large skin lesions. In some areas, fishermen say adult smallmouth bass have virtually disappeared. Too bad. This summer, the water levels have been ideal for wading and fishing.

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